ReCraft Your Chair: Kangoo Chair By JoinDesign

From Joindesign , a chair with an integral storage compartment in the backrest that answers the practical question, “Where can we collect the documents we receive in a conference?” 
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IRL Funhouse designed by Armin Blasbichler

Located in South Tyrol, Italy, Armin wanted to make a playful house for his wife and children, outfitting his abode with doors within doors, doors in ceilings, an exterior that resembles log stacks, and all manner of clever uses of light. I want to be inside that.

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You know that movie ‘Up' by Pixar? The one about the crotchety old man andchubby boyscout? Yeah, I haven’t actually seen it (somebody said it’d be too sad for me AND I’M DELICATE LIKE EXPLOSIVE GEL). Well, to promote their upcoming television series ‘How Hard Can It Be?’, National Geographic built a functional replica of the ‘Up’ house to — get this — see how hard it could be. SOFT LOOKS PRETTY SOFT.

…March 5 at dawn, National Geographic Channel and a team of scientists, engineers, and two world-class balloon pilots successfully launched a 16’ X 16’ house 18’ tall with 300 8’ colored weather balloons from a private airfield east of Los Angeles, and set a new world record for the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted. The entire experimental aircraft was more than 10 stories high, reached an altitude of over 10,000 feet, and flew for approximately one hour.

The filming of the event, from a private airstrip, will be part of a new National Geographic Channel series called How Hard Can it Be?, which will premiere in fall 2011.

MYTHBUSTERS KNOCKOFF. And it only took eight years to come up with the idea! Smooth, National Geographic executives. And by smooth I mean rough, like wiping your ass with a handful of sand and gravel. That said, I’ll still watch it. And not just because I can only stand so much ginger facial hair and berets, but…actually that is mostly why. Plus it’s hard making room on my DVR with so much Real Housewives and Jersey Shore.

Hit the jump for several more pictures and a video news report of the I believe I can fly in action.

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